Solving the tracking problem on the DX-7711

My Onkyo have had difficulties in reading some CD's. This error particularly occured when reading the index on some CD's (usually cheap recordable ones).

After disassembling my DX-7711, I wondered why the factory had mounted two felt rings. I guessed that the only function these rings had, was to protect the laserhead when it was sliding towards the center of the CD.

When there are two rings mounted, then the laserhead can't reach the center of some CD's - and that was the fault on my DX-7711. The instruction below shows how to check and modify the DX-7711 to remove this problem.

Step 1

1. Use this guide at your own risk.
2. I am not responsible for any consequences regarding this modification.
3. Notice that by removing the cover of the CD-player you will break the warranty.
4. When working with electronics allways switch of the power.

Step 2
1. Switch of the power - be sure of this, otherwise you are in danger of loosing your eyesight.
2. Remove the DX-7711 cover by removing the screws located at the back and both sides of the cabinet.
3. Locate the protective cover, which should look like the cover draw below to the left.
4. Remove the four screws, marked with a red color, on the protective cover.
5. Carefully remove the cover - it may stick a little.


6. Locate the laserhead - shown on the drawing to the right, don't touch the lasereye.
7. Locate the slider - it is a bar made of metal.
8. At one end of the bar there should be a small felt ring.
9. The ring should only be approximately 1mm wide - if it is not, there may be two of them.
10. If there are two soft rings around the bar - remove the first one using a pair of scissors.

Step 3
1. Remount the protective cover - remember to mount the GND Cable.
2. Remount the outer cover on the cabinet.
3. That's it!

Thanks goes out to Roy Wagner, David J. Heintzman and Konrad Villmar for taking their time to give some feedback.

People that tried the fix
Hello, Michael,

    I want to thank you for putting out the info on the tracking difficulty with the Onkyo DX-7711 CD player.  I was ready to either junk or replace mine, and as I was looking around the Onkyo matches on one of the search engines, I came across your site.

    I figured, what the heck, I can only mess it up some more.  So I followed your recommendation; sure enough, there were two O-rings.  My particular DX-7711 was doing more than just not tracking properly -- it would actually toss CD's around inside the player, sometimes scratching the discs and ruining them.

    Your "fix" immediately solved it all:   fast tracking, accurate playback, etc., are now happening.  Seems like a new high-end machine. You are a genius for figuring that out!  Onkyo should have put out a recall on all those machines.

Roy Wagner

Dear Michael,

I too was having tracking problems with my DX-7711. Frustrated, tonight I went searching for information to see if others were having the same problem, and came accross your website.

I am more than happy to tell you that your remedy completely fixed the problem I was having. I was afraid that I was going to have to either take the unit in for repair, or get a new one, but now everything is like new.

Thanks Again,
David Heintzman

Hi Michael!

Now I have lost one bad Problem...

I did use your Guide to fix the Onkyo CD-Player, and at first Sight: It seems to work! My Player -had?!!- the same problem like Roy Wagners had (tossing and stuff...) I´m very happy ' bout that, because I was shortly before giving it to a Repair Station....

This Email should be an acknowledgement to the Manual, your personal Homepage and at the time you probably did spend on it, go on like that!

Greetings from Germany

Konrad Villmar


March 2005

Michael Hjembæk