Google benytter en fremsynet, sofistikeret teknologi til hurtigt at producere de rigtige resultater af enhver søgning. Google returnerer relevante resultater, fordi den reagerer på din forespørgsel ved at bruge en automatiseret metode, der opstiller de relevante hjemmesider ifølge Internettets link-struktur.
My #1 search engine

Filebasket is a download site with a lot of quality products for your computer. All products on Filebasket are always available in the latest version and updates to will be displayed at most one day after they have been released by the authors.
Do not miss this one!

The Inquirer
The Inquirer delivers news on microprocessors, graphics
and other micro technologies.
Feel the pulse on technology.

Java Technology Forums
The Java Developer Connection discussion forums, an interactive message board for sharing knowledge and questions about JavaTM technologies and programming techniques.
Sun Engineers Participate in Forums! In addition to being able to get the answers you need from your peers, Sun's Developer Technical Support (DTS) engineers also visit the forums, to help get your questions answered.
A nice place to spend your evening.

The Java Tutorial
The Java Tutorial is a practical guide for programmers with hundreds of complete, working examples.
The Tutorial is organized into trails -- groups of lessons on a particular subject.
A good place to start.

Java World
 Search for Code Examples

The Java Developers Almanac
 Search for Code Examples

Search by class name, member name, or keyword.
E.g. cache  -  parse xml dom  -  -  -  file.tourl  -  tourl

EchoEcho.Com is your one stop free help site for all things web related. The site contains user forums, articles, tutorials, online tools, graphics and more...
The best resource for web design

Ultimate Survivor with different colourfull characters.
Meet Kev, Woof, The Evil Piggies, Little Sussi, The Doc, Steve the Crocodile Hunter and a lot of other interesting loons.
In the Ultimate Survivor series: Ultimate Survivor, Outback Attack Survivor 2, Afghanistan Survivor 3.
The stories are fun ... now go there

The AnandTech site contains reviews on computer hardware and news on the computer industry.
A source for hardware analysis and news.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Tom's Hardware Guide delivers hard-hitting articles and reports to tech-savvy IT professionals, technology innovators and early adopters looking to buy PC hardware products and services.
Another source for hardware analysis and news.

Mike's Hardware
Mike's Hardware
A great source for hardware roadmaps. Also take a look at Mike's personal link.
A great source for hardware roadmaps.

Silent PC Review
Silent PC Review is dedicated to reviews, news and information about quiet / silent computers and components.
Silence == bliss! attempts to address a topic that seems sadly neglected in the online community: hard disk and storage-related performance. attempts to supplement the excellent hardware coverage already out there with news and reviews of storage-related products.
A leading independent storage authority.
Dette er et godt sted at besøge hvis man ønsker at sammenligne priser på og læse anmeldelser af edb udstyr.
Bestemt et besøg værd.

The Iconolog
The Iconolog site is built upon & devoted to the preservation of the icon. In keeping with the spirit of this realm, wherever possible, icons have been used as they were originally intended, to decorate the spot to be clicked.
Nice collection of graphics.

Leo's Icon Archive
The Icon Archive is a collection of icon sets of over 10,000 high quality icons in gif & ico format. View the icons or download the original packages of icon sets for PC (zip) or MAC (sit/hqx) provided by the authors with all original readme files. Pay attention to the readme files before using the icons!
Nice collection of icons on a great site.

The Theill Web Site
This is the personal web site of Peter Theill. You are able to find various stuff, e.g. freeware and shareware applications, free ASP source projects, Java snippets or Delphi components.
Take a look around.