Courses at the Technical University of Denmark

This page contains all the courses that I passed at the Department of Applied Electronics (IAE) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

1. Semester
D4411 Computer Science A
D4611 Digital Techniques
D4013 Circuit Theory
D4211 Mechanical Physics
D4012 Mathematical Analysis
D4276 Workshop Training
D4018 Circuit Technique, Lab. Course
D4210 Engineering Drawings

2. Semester
D4023 Algebra and Analysis
D4221 Material Science
D4421 Computer Science B
D4021 Circuits and Electronics
92012 Electromagnetics
D4026 Circuits and Electronics, Lab. Course
D4027 Electromagnetics, Lab. Course
D4426 Computer Science B, Lab. Course
D4220 Electronics, Lab. Course
D4420 Computer Science, Lab. Course

3. Semester
92043 Embedded Systems
92014 Sound and Vibration
D4031 Complex Analysis
92052 Analogue Electronics
92042 Advanced Digital Techniques
92053 Non-linear Electronics
D4537 Embedded Systems, Lab. Course
D4437 Analogue and Digital Electronics, Lab. Course
D4438 Computer Science, Lab. Course

4. Semester
92406 Microcomputer Hardware
D4032 Transmission of Signals and Electrical Energy
D4831 Electric Power Technology
D4041 Probability and Statistics
D4441 Data Communications 1
D4442 Real-Time Systems
D4546 Microcomputer Hardware Practice, Lab. Course
D4446 Disk Operating Systems
D4476 Excursions

5. Semester
92015 Thermodynamics
92062 Datacommunications and Signal Processing
92081 Automatic Control
92402 Data Acquisition
D4456 Lab. Course 2D
D4457 Individual Lab. Course
D4680 Project Oriented Lab. Course 3T

6. Semester
92805 Computer Architecture and Organization
51226 Audio Engineering
92073 Project Course (CMS Reference Mk.I. speaker)
92807 Computer Graphics
92403 Programming Languages, Interpreters and Compilers
92013 Components and Interconnection Technology

7. Semester
D4470 Industrial Training
D4490 Thesis at Department of Applied Electronics (JavaView)


March 2004

Michael Hjembæk