Curriculum Vitae

Michael Hjembæk
Møllemosen 99
DK-2760 Måløv
tlf: 206 206 31

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (field: Computer Engineering).
Educated at the Technical University of Denmark at the Institute of Applied Electronics.

Software Developer, Topdanmark
Team lead for a small group of Java programmers working on JFC/Swing-based GUI mobile computing applications mainly for the WebSphere/CICS platform. Proficient in debugging og profiling Java applications. Experienced in creation and deployment of Java Web Start applications.
CWD - 3/2004
Software Engineer, Terma (formerly Terma Elektronik)
Team lead for a small group of Java programmers at Terma's Naval Division doing Java, JFC/Swing-based GUI related development.
10/2001 - 2/2004
Software Developer, Digiquant (formerly Belle Systems)
Worked in the Digiquant GUI group, where I played around with the following technologies: Java, JFC/Swing, Java Security, Obfuscation, SilverStream, Web Servers, Servlets and Oracle databases for development of GUI's for the following platforms: Windows, Solaris and HP-Unix.
9/2000 - 10/2001
Software Developer, Barco Communication Systems A/S (now named BarcoNET)
Developed a JFC/Swing GUI based upon embedded Java applets for an ATM adapter.
2/2000 - 8/2000

Private first class  ( danish: Konstabel ), Squadron 544
Signed a 4-year contract with HAWK-squadron 544 Tune. Was titled: Private first class of the reserve  (danish: Konstabel af reserven).
4/1995 – 4/1999
IT-Consultant, Bull Worldwide Information Systems ( Denmark )
Worked as an IT-Consultant, at Bull's internal IT-dept. The work consisted of maintenance of a Microsoft TCP/IP LAN running on Windows NT, OS/2 and Unix servers. Other assignments consisted of giving support to Bull's staff members and customers.
3/1995 – 8/1997
Military service, squadron 560, 544 og 541
Completed 5 months of general military training at squadron 560 - Skalstrup. Completed 2 months education, and was titled Crewman on the HAWK missile system (squadron 544 - Tune) and Communications Assistant (squadron 541 - Stevns).
8/1994 – 3/1995
Unskilled labourer, Foss Electric A/S
Worked as an unskilled labourer at Foss Electric's assembly dept. and QC dept. Did odd jobs, such as cleaning, simple assembly tasks and maintenance of the assembly stock.
9/1993 – 4/1994
Student, Frederiksborg Gymnasium
Completed my the education with algebra, english and physics at the highest level. Chemistry and german was completed at medium level.
8/1990 – 6/1993

Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform
Passed the test with a score of 88,75% (355/400).
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform
Passed the test with a score of 79%

Courses and conferences
JavaOne 2006, San Francisco
Moscone Center, San Francisco
Introduction to J2EE, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition 2006
Teknologisk Institut
IT-requirements specification using Use case techniques
Teknologisk Institut
Graphical User Interfaces with Swing
JAOO Academy A/S, Niels Bech Nielsen
Swing programming
Java - fundamental programming
Teknologisk Institut

Personal Information
I speak and write danish fluently. I speak and write english fairly well. Last but not least I understand german.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): INTP (click for a description of my type)

Badminton, sports in general, music, audio, reading, programming in general, open source projects and my family and friends.


August 2010

Michael Hjembæk